Postman v2 Guide

About Postman v2

The Postman team is currently rebuilding Postman (v2) for sending out SMS-es.

SMS API users

The Postman team is currently rebuilding Postman (v2) for sending out SMS-es, where the infrastructure and user interface of the platform will be very different.
Our test platform is now live, you may access it through this link https://test.postman.gov.sg​

Test Platform

The test site is only meant for API users. If you are an admin portal user that does not require any system integration, you should not be testing our platform. Admin Portal users can only start testing in Feb 2024, more details will be released in due course.

Test Environment

Base URL
Postman API
Create campaign, whitelist IP addresses, generate API keys
Postman Admin Portal (UI)
Create campaign, send using UI
Postman SFTP
Create campaign, whitelist Postman's IP addresses, generate API keys, then submit this form.

Inquiries and FAQ

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ page for a list of frequently asked questions.
If your questions have not been answered, you may fill up our Contact Us form and our team will get back to you.
If you are a vendor with questions regarding our API documents, please indicate the contact details of the government officer-in-charge and their agency email address in your form response.
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