📂SFTP Integration

SFTP integration for campaigns is exclusively available on an opt-in basis and is not accessible through the admin portal.

  • For questions related to SFTP, you may submit your inquiries here.

  • For agencies interested to use SFTP, follow the steps below, then submit this form.

Beginning your SFTP integration

We only accept RSA, ECDSA, and ED25519 keys. Keys must be in OpenSSH format.

  1. Log into Postman and create a new campaign

    • this generates your campaign ID needed to fill in the form

  2. Generate your campaign API key through the following steps

    1. Access your Campaign Settings

    2. Whitelist Postman's IP addresses as follows

  • Note: there is no need to whitelist your server's IP addresses. You will just need to whitelist Postman's IP addresses below.

EnvironmentIP Address to Whitelist in Postman Admin PortalPortSFTP Server Domain

Test Environment



Production Environment



  1. Generate the API keys in your SFTP campaign

    • this is the API key associated with your campaign

    • whitelist the above mentioned two static IP addresses in the Postman Admin Portal

  2. Go to the form.

  3. Fill in the details.

    • SSH Keys - Please refer to the guide on generating your SSH keys

    • Notification email: this is the email address from which you wish to receive results of the file upload.

  4. Submit the form. Our team will add your account and inform you once this is completed.

  5. Connect to our server, fill in the CSV file, and drop it into our server

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