Platform access related inquiries

  1. When will my agency be able to test out your new Platform?

    • The test platform is now live at

      You can test out the following integration modes now: Admin Portal, API, SFTP

    • Load testing is not available for now, please refer to this page for more information.

  2. Will PMO/OGP grant agencies trial/test accounts for the pilot testing?

    • As long as you have a email address, you will be able to log into Postman. No application for test accounts is needed.

      Learn more about access rights here, especially if you work with vendors or system integrators.

  3. I am from an agency that does not have a email domain (healthcare/ user). How can I request for access to your test platform to create campaigns and obtain the API keys?

    • Read more about access rights here.

      Please submit a request to the PIC within your agency if it is necessary for you to create a campaign and obtain the API keys.

      To PICs: please read this before submitting the request.

  4. What if I have outsourced agents/vendors (e.g. DHL) who help me send out SMSes?

    • Please contact the Postman team for whitelisting.

      Upon logging in, they will only be able to see the campaigns in which they are added as collaborators by agency admins i.e. member access

  5. Can vendors/3rd party contractors apply for accounts on the test platform to create campaigns and obtain API keys?

    • Unfortunately, this is not allowed.

    • They will only be given member access.

    • Read more about access rights here.

  6. When will my agency be able to use your new Platform (API)?

    • Agencies calling the Postman API will be able to start testing on the test platform now.

      OGP conducted 2 technical Q&A sessions with WOG agencies and their vendors to address any questions regarding Postman. If your agency requires additional assistance, please write in to us through this form.

  7. When will my agency be able to use Postman?

    • Agencies can now test Postman out at The production site will be ready from mid-April.

      We will inform when the site is ready.

  8. Can we onboard onto your platform earlier as we need more time for system integration?

    • You can use the test platform now to begin your system integrations.

      Postman production environment will be live from mid-April 2024. Agencies will need to undergo testing with OGP before they are allowed to use Postman in production. At this point, you will only be allowed to send messages to internal staff with your own sender IDs in production.

      The deadline to onboard Postman to send out messages to MOPs is by 1 July 2024.

  9. Where is Postman hosted?

    • The internet.

    • We have been whitelisted on SG Proxy, you may access Postman through Edge using your GSIB.

  10. What web browsers are recommended for Postman?

    • Google Chrome

    • Microsoft Edge

    • If you are facing issues with other browsers, please switch to the recommended ones

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