Postman Guide latest updates

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24 May 2024

Removal of Oracle guide on SSH Key generation

New commands to generate your SSH key pair Example of SSH keys

20 May 2024

Updated latest status

16 May 2024

Launch of Postman SFTP Production Site

Renamed Errors page to API Errors

Updated API response Updated status

New message objects for attempts

Updated with delivered

New page - errors

Updated API response

Updated API response

Updated API response

14 May 2024

Added Single and Batch Send Retry endpoints

Feature release: Campaign create access

3 May 2024

Removed Singpass login

Updated with Singpass login FAQ

26 Apr 2024

Updated criteria and examples where header name changes are permitted.

15 Apr 2024

Updated with form link

8 Apr 2024

Added Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy

31 Mar 2024

Updated production base URL. Please note that message sending is currently unavailable.

SFTP is not available on Postman v2's production site until June 2024.

Updated conditions for agency's sender ID to appear under Postman v2's dropdown on production site.

21 Mar 2024

Created guide for admin portal users on sending internal messages

13 Mar 2024

Updated UI Training dates

8 Mar 2024

Do not conduct load testing on our test site

26 Feb 2024

General campaign creation guide for all users

Created message logs page

Created guide for admin portal users on sending messages

Updated FAQ

23 Feb 2024

SLAs for Postman v2.

Updated the SFTP documentation

FAQ updates

Added questions on SMS retry, priority tags, read statuses.

19 Feb 2024

Updated key types and info on IP address whitelisting

9 Feb 2024

Updated character count rules

Differences between admin and member access

Updated port number

29 Jan 2024

Actual rate limits will be released at a later date

Endpoints for API users

Updated full API payload for endpoints

Updated character count per message

23 Jan 2024

How to create line breaks in a message

Postman v2 Admin Portal for API users

Updated screens

22 Jan 2024

Created temporary sender name section

Updated production environment release dates

19 Jan 2024

Updated list of unsupported characters

Updated IP address whitelisting

16 Jan 2024

Updated SFTP Docs

11 Jan 2024

Training dates updated on MS Teams

8 Jan 2024

Postman API test environment is now live. This site is meant for API testing purpose only.

5 Jan 2024

Release of WOG BTN MS Teams channel

WOG BTN Teams channel set up for agency PICs

4 Jan 2024

Edited bulk to batch Edited endpoints containing word bulk to batch

31 Dec 2023

Postman test environment

We will be migrating our test environment domain, URL release will be shifted from 31 Dec 2023 to 8 Jan 2024

recipient string - Removed the + in front of the country code

Created the UI flow for API users - end goal for users to whitelist IP addresses and obtain API keys

20 Dec 2023

Updated workflow process

Removal of "Option 2"

Created page for updates to the API documents

Updated FAQ list

19 Dec 2023

18 Dec 2023

Updated FAQ list

16 Dec 2023

Released SFTP documentation

Updated FAQ list

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