Message Statuses

  1. What's the typical and max time for a message latestStatus to move from created to sent to success? ?

    • As this is a brand new platform, the team does not have any data to release to agencies regarding typical and max time on the latestStatus.

    • Note that the time taken for a message to be sent will also depend on the load at the point of creating and sending these messages.

  2. How are SMS statuses charged?

    • SMSes with a failure as the latestStatus will not be charged.

  3. Do you provide a webhook for checking the status?

    • No, that is not currently provided.

  4. For LatestStatus field, how long do we need to wait before message is sent? How long to wait before we know if it was success or failure?

    • The response on whether the message was created will come in immediately. However, you will need to query Retrieve message endpoint to get the message latestStatus.

    • We also currently do not support pushing delivery status to your server via webhooks when the status of a message changes.

    • Refer to our API documents for more information.

  5. Will Postman retry sending failed messages automatically?

    • No, you will need to manually re-send the failed messages.

  6. How can I check if the message has been read by the recipient?

    • Telcos do not provide read statuses. Please see the list of available statuses here.

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