Character count

Character count

Postman's message character count is set at a maximum of 1530 characters, inclusive of the header and footer.

As a precautionary measure, agencies are strongly advised to set their character count for each message body at 600 characters, excluding the header and footer. A warning sign will appear for messages beyond 600 characters.

Upon reaching 1000 characters (excluding header and footer), message sending will be disabled.

Message parameters alone i.e. {{variable}} do not count as characters. However, each populated message parameter adds towards overall character count. e.g. {{name}} is 0 characters, but {{name}} = john is 4 characters.

Message Blocks

Each message block comprises of 160 characters. In Postman, a single SMS can comprise of more than 160 characters. The blocks will be combined and sent out as a single SMS to recipients. It is recommended that the body content of each SMS should not exceed 600 characters.

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