2. Sign up for a Twilio account

How do I get started with Twilio?

Unlike Postman V1 (Legacy Postman), agencies will no longer need to submit the SMS onboarding form. Please directly apply for an account with Twilio, and work with them to have your registered sender IDs tagged to your accounts.

Postman does not manage Twilio accounts on behalf of agencies.

Before creating a Twilio account

You will need the following before signing up for a Twilio account:

  1. Email address: This email address will be associated with the Twilio account that you are signing up for

  2. Mobile Number: This number will be receiving security codes required when logging into your Twilio account.

Creating a Twilio account

  1. Refer to Twilio's documentation on how to sign up for your free Twilio trial to use their messaging service.

  2. Upon signing up for a free account on Twilio, you will be taken to your Twilio Console Dashboard Homepage.

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