3. Set up your Twilio account

Log into Twilio to set up your profile and billing details.

To complete your set up, you will need to

1. Set up your account name

This helps us and Twilio better identify your account should you need help, without having to go into your account itself, which we prefer in order to respect the privacy and security of your account.

Go to Account > General settings > Account details > Account name.

2. Set up your billing details

Postman does not manage the billing of Twilio accounts on behalf of agencies.

Setting up your billing details is necessary so that your tagged Sender ID will reflect correctly on your SMSes. Otherwise, your SMSes will continue to show "Likely-scam".

Information about Twilio billing

Twilio works like a prepaid phone card. You will need to top up the credits in your Twilio account to start sending SMSes. We strongly recommend using your corporate credit card for this.

The alternative is direct invoicing, which is only available as an option if you send more than 25,000 SMSes a month (or meet the minimum spend of USD$12,000 annually). If this is your preferred option, please contact us so we can put you in touch with our Twilio account manager.

For more information about billing, refer to Twilio's document here.

Note: if you do not upgrade your account, you will not be able to send SMSes with your registered alphanumeric Sender ID.

Set up Billing options - corporate credit card

To set up your billing options, go to Billing > Manage Billing > Upgrade.

3. Map your registered Sender ID to your Twilio account

You can only submit start mapping your Sender ID after you've set up your billing details.

You will need to prepare the following documents and submit them to Twilio via their application form.

As part of the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes, Twilio is required by IMDA to conduct checks on all approved Sender IDs submitted by organisations, before they can proceed to tag your SMSes with the Sender IDs after your campaign leaves the Postman gateway.

You will need to submit the following to Twilio, to get your sender IDs mapped:

  1. ACRA BizFile Report

    • Bizfile Report should not be more than 3 months old

  2. Proof of Registration with SSIR

    • Screenshot of confirmation that the Sender ID is registered with SSIR (Screenshot(s) should reflect Company Name and Sender ID approval)

  3. Letter of Authorisation

For more information on how to submit Twilio's application form, refer to their documentation here.

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