Sending messages via SFTP

To send messages in bulk, you must prepare a CSV file where each column, in addition to recipient and language, represents a value corresponding to the campaign’s template parameter.

The examples below is based on the following campaign template:

The campaign template is configured on the admin portal during campaign creation.

Please refer to create message on more information on creating a message on the admin portal.

Example campaign template
Dear {{recipient_name}},

This is to inform you that we have received your request for {{topic}}.

We will contact you again when we have processed your request. Thank you.

An example CSV file for the above template can be found below, along with an explanation of the various fields in the file.

Example CSV file
6599999999,english,Emily Yeo,passport application #12345F
6599999998,chinese,James Tan,passport application #67890A

CSV file fields

recipient string (Mandatory field)

For messages sent through the sms channel, the recipient will be the mobile phone number of the recipient, together with the country code of the recipient without including + in front.

eg. 6591234567 is a recipient string for a Singapore (65) phone number (91234567)

language string (Mandatory field)

This is the language of the message template used to send this message.

This are the possible values english, chinese, malay, or tamil.

recipient_name string (Optional field - depending on your message template content)

topic string (Optional field - depending on your message template content)

Subsequently, you will need to upload this file using the following command:

put <file to upload>

Please be aware that our system does not generate output files. The result of a file upload will be communicated to you via email.

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